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Leader In Training Program

This program is open to teens that have completed 6th grade and up. LITs will assist staff at the YMCA Summer Program with daily activities, planning, special events, and more. This program is a challenging, rewarding and fun experience for teens. It is a unique opportunity to shoulder responsibility, work with young children, and learn to be a leader.

LIT Program FAQS:

What training do LITs receive?

The LIT program has a strong emphasis on leadership training. Every day will bring new opportunities for learning and skill building.

  • LITs will attend a mandatory  training prior to the first day that will cover the basic expectations
  • LITs will participate in weekly activity planning discussions with the LIT Coordinator
  • LITs will work as a team on special events/projects

At the end of the summer LITs will also receive an assessment documenting their strengths and areas for improvement.


Will there be any special events for LITs?

LITs will play a critical role in all of the special events that take place this summer, including theme days, talent show, field trips, and morning assembly.  The LIT program is intended to be as fun and exciting for its participants, as it is challenging and educational.

What should LITs bring every day?

  • Swim suit and towel
  • Sneakers and appropriate footwear
  • Bagged lunch and labeled water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Positive attitude & willingness to learn

What is a typical day for LITs?

LITs will spend approximately half of their day intheir group working directly with the younger children.  They will participate in their own trainings and activities apart from their group on a daily basis.

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Registration Process:

  • Submit application and 1 letter of reference (pgs. 2-3)
  • Interview (if required)
  • Submit completed registration form (pgs. 4-6)
  • Include a copy of your child’s last physical and immunizations
  • Attend mandatory training


2017 New LIT Application

2017 Return LIT application